Antecedent – a precursor, or previous party for a little something – N. 2. Bastion – an establishment/place/man or woman that strongly maintains particular rules, attitudes, or activities – N. 3.

Bellwether – a little something that suggests a craze – N. 4. Burgeon – to begin to mature or enhance rapidly – V.

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5. Catalyst – an agent that provokes or triggers change – N. 6.

Defunct – no longer in existence or performing – Adj. 7. Entrenched – characterized by a little something that is firmly recognized and tough to alter – Adj. 8.

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Foster – to stimulate the enhancement of one thing – V. 9.

Provoke – to shock or excite another person into taking action – V. 10. Impetus – some thing that will make a system or action materialize or occur is trustmypaper trustworthy more quickly – N. 11.

Inadvertent – accidental or accidental – Adj. 12. Incessant – hardly ever ending continuing without the need of pause – Adj. 13. Inflame – to provoke or intensify solid inner thoughts in another person – V. 14.

Instill – to steadily but firmly establish an concept or mindset into a person’s head – V. 15. Beneficial – obtaining a significant reward, financial or otherwise – Adj. 16.

Myriad – numerous or extremely substantial in variety – Adj. 17. Precipitate – to trigger some thing to occur quickly or unexpectedly – V. 18.

Proponent – a man or woman who advocates for a little something – N. 19. Resurgence – an enhance or revival following a interval of limited action – N. 20. Revitalize – to give anything new lifetime and vitality – V. 21. Ubiquitous – characterised by becoming everywhere you go prevalent – Adj. 22. Watershed – an occasion or interval that marks a turning level – N. How do your standardized exam scores have an effect on your odds?Find out with our free Chancing Motor, which takes advantage of your standardized examination scores, GPA, extracurriculars, and a lot more to establish your authentic likelihood of admission. Context 2: Evaluation. These words and phrases can often be utilised when describing prevalent patterns concerning illustrations or casting some form of opinion or judgement. 23. Anomaly – deviation from the norm – N. 24. Automaton – a mindless follower someone who functions in a mechanical fashion – N. 25. Belie – to fail to give a legitimate perception of a thing – V. 26. Cupidity – abnormal greed – Adj. 27. Debacle – a powerful failure a fiasco – N. 28. Demagogue – a political leader or individual who appears to be like for aid by captivating to prejudices instead of using rational arguments – N. 29. Prevent – to discourage somebody from doing anything by making them doubt or fear the effects – V. 30. Discredit – to harm the status or regard for somebody – V. 31. Draconian – characterized by stringent guidelines, principles and punishments – Adj. 32. Duplicitous – intentionally deceitful in speech/actions – Adj. 33. Egregious – conspicuously negative very evil monstrous and outrageous – Adj. 34. Exacerbate – to make a circumstance even worse – V. 35. Ignominious – deserving or triggering general public shame or shame – Adj. 36. Insidious – continuing in a subtle way but with destructive consequences – Adj. 37. Myopic – brief-sighted not looking at the very long run – Adj. 38. Pernicious – dangerous and hazardous – Adj. 39. Renegade – a person who betrays an firm, nation, or established of rules – N. 40. Stigmatize – to explain or regard as deserving of disgrace or disapproval – V. 41. Superfluous – avoidable – Adj. 42. Venal – corrupt prone to bribery – Adj.